Talk by Dr. Pettarusp M. Wadia

In continuation of our efforts to commemorate Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month, SCAN-BSBE organized an enlightening seminar on 17th April 2024 titled “Parkinson’s disease: From Lab to Life. How research and technology are shaping Parkinson’s care” presented by Dr. Pettarusp M. Wadia, Consultant Neurologist and Movement Disorder Specialist at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai. Dr. Wadia’s comprehensive insights into Parkinson’s disease, ranging from its history to recent technological advancements, provided invaluable knowledge to all attendees. His expertise illuminated the complexities of the disease, its symptoms, and current therapeutic approaches. We are grateful to Dr. Wadia for sharing his wealth of knowledge and dedication to advancing Parkinson’s care. His commitment to research and patient care is truly inspiring.